In 2014, the ANS Executive Council approved the creation of a Young Members Group, tasked with addressing the interests and needs of neurotologists in the early portion of their careers.  Eligible members include current ANS members, Neurotology Fellow or Trainee member within 8 years of graduation from fellowship (based on the criteria used by the Young Physicians Section of the AAO-HNS) and those currently in fellowship. 

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Young Member, Co-Chair - James G. Naples, MD
Young Member, Co-Chair - Candace Hobson, MD
Young Member Officer, Shawn M. Stevens, MD
Young Member Officer, Anne K. Maxwell, MD


Date: Saturday, May 6, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
Location: Harvard Club 

Please contact Candace Hobson or Jim Naples,
Co-Chairs, ANS Young members group, with questions
Sponsored by the Children's Tumor Foundation 

We will be joined by our honored ANS speaker, Dr. Scott Plotkin and a panel of NF-2 experts for a discussion
on building an NF-2 team.

There will be a networking/social event to follow.



with 100% of incoming Fellows participating (21/21)! 

Stryker Lab


The Neurotology Bootcamp was designed to bring together the incoming Neurotology fellows to learn from renowned faculty who are active young members of the ANS. Our goal is to smooth the transition into fellowship by providing this intense training course through concentrated instruction and attention from our faculty members.  The course is a combination of virtual and in-person lectures as well as hands-on cadaveric dissection. Below are some quick facts about the course, and more details will be provided through a formal invitation.

  • Course Directors: Dr. Jeffrey Sharon (UCSF) and Dr. Cameron Wick (Washington University St. Louis)
  • Guest Faculty: Dr. Divya Chari (University of Massachusetts), Dr. Deepa Galaiya (Johns Hopkins), Dr. Philip Perez (UPMC) and Dr. Neil Patel (University of Utah).

Trainee Membership

The ANS Trainee membership category was created in 2004 by the ANS Executive Council with hopes that all Neurotology Fellows, Otolaryngology-HNS Residents, and Post Doctorate Researchers would apply for ANS entry-level membership as a full member at the close of his or her training. Trainee membership will co-terminate with the residency/training program at which time the Trainee member will be notified to apply for membership.

The following qualifications are required for Trainee Membership in the American Neurotology Society.

1. The candidate shall have earned a Medical Degree of MD, DO, PhD, or the equivalent.

2. In training in a field of study related to the field of Neurotology (Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Residency, Neurotology Fellowship or post doctoral research position).

3. Special interest in the field of Neurotology

4. Highest ethical and moral standards

5. Letter from Department Chair and/or Fellowship/Program Director validating your good standing as a Trainee including the duration of the program and expected date of completion. (letter must be uploaded with your application)

Trainee member applications are accepted year-around. Click here to download application instructions 
To complete the online application, click here

Please contact the Ashley Eikenberry with any questions. 

Email: [email protected]