Franklin M. Rizer Memorial Lecture

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The Society may offer a lectureship to support a scientific presentation by an outstanding neurotologist, neuroradiologist, neurobiologist, neurosurgeon, or researcher in an area of interest to neurotologists. This lecture will be given during the ANS Fall Scientific Session and the lecturer is selected by the President.

First awarded: 2004
Funding provided by: numerous donors & the American Neurotology Society

Stefan Heller, PhD 2004 New York, NY
Philip Theodosopoulos, MD 2006 Toronto, ON
Charley C. Della Santina, MD, PhD 2007 Washington, DC
Conrad Wall III, PhD 2007 Washington, DC
Ebenezer Yamoah, PhD 2008 Chicago, IL
Gerard O'Donoghue, MD 2009 San Diego, CA
Saumil N. Merchant, MD 2010 Boston, MA
Richard L. Goode, MD 2012 Washington, DC
Richard A. Chole, MD, PhD 2013 Vancouver, BC
Karen B. Avraham, PhD 2014 Orlando, FL
Professor Mario Sanna 2015 Dallas, TX
Thomas Lenarz, Prof.  2016 San Diego, CA
Jennifer L. Lentz, PhD 2017  Chicago, IL
Craig A. Buchman, MD 2018  Atlanta, GA
Michael J. McKenna, MD 2019 New Orleans, LA
Jeffrey R. Holt, PhD 2020 Virtual (COVID)
Frank R. Lin, MD, PhD 2021 Virtual (COVID)
Hillary A. Snapp, AuD, PhD 2022 Philadelphia, PA